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How to lock the bike?

To finish the ride, park at a bike stall and pull the lever that snaps the lock into place and press “FINISH” on your phone’s mobile application to end the ride. Please take a picture of your parking to earn credits for future rides.

Where can I park the bike?

Please park at SHAREE parking locations marked for parking in the mobile application or at any bike rack or legal bike parking.

Please be respectful of your surroundings in riding and parking the bike. Some areas (shopping centers, pedestrian malls and parks) have strict requirements.

FOR OAHU ONLY – please do not park at a BIKI location

What if I cannot open the lock?

Please enable BLUETOOTH and LOCATION SERVICES on your phone. SCAN the QR CODE or INPUT manually the bike number. Afterward, press UNLOCK bike and enter your payment information. Upon successful payment, the bike will unlock.

On some occasions, if your phone is too far away from the bluetooth lock, connectivity may be lost so please ensure that the phone and the lock are no more than three feet apart.

If you have tried all of the above, then please report the bike as broken using the mobile application.

If you have additional questions, please call +1 888 889 9828 or e-mail us at CS@ITLBIKES.COM.

What is the reservation feature?

The reservation function allows the user to reserve the bike in its parked location for a period of 15 minutes. During the 15 minute period, the user will not be charged. If the user returns to the bike within 15 minutes, he may continue the ride by pressing the button “CANCEL RESERVATION” and the bicycle will unlock so that the user can continue the ride.

There is no limit to the number of times that the reservation function can be used in a single ride.

How do I report a broken bike?

Select the headphone icon on the bottom right of the screen and follow the instructions. In general, scan the QR code or input the bike number. Take a picture and provide a brief description i.e. condition, where, when)

If you have additional questions, please call 1 888 889 9828 or e-mail us at CS@ITLBIKES.COM.

How do I report improper parking of a bike?

If you encounter a bike parked indiscriminately, lease call 1 888 889 9828 or e-mail us at CS@ITLBIKES.COM.

What if I cannot find the bike that is shown on the mobile application?

If you see a bike physically but not on the mobile application, the bike may be in held by another user in reservation. In such case, please look for another bike to ride. RIDE SHAREE apologizes for any inconvenience caused.