$3.00 per 30 minutes

Users pay for the following credits:

Pay $10, Bonus Credit 50¢
Pay $20, Bonus Credit $2
Pay $30, Bonus Credit $5
Pay $50, Bonus Credit $10


In consideration of your legal rights and interests, please read this TERMS OF PAYMENT AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) carefully and fully understand the rules regarding payments and use of payments in your ACCOUNT (hereinafter referred to as “Account Balance”) to avoid any misunderstandings. Your clicking of “Pay Money” button confirms that you have read and fully understood this Agreement and agree to continue to use the Account Balance in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


Pay Money is defined as the amount that you have actually paid and charged into your user account registered on the RIDE SHAREE mobile application.

Account Balance is defined as the amount shown in your user account, which consists of payments and any additional bonus as provided by RIDE SHAREE in associations with its promotions and deducted by actual utilization of the account through renting of RIDE SHAREE bicycles.

Validity Period of Account Balance

The validity period of your Account Balance starts from the initial payment until the date that the Account Balance has been fully utilized.

Additional Bonuses

RIDE SHAREE will post the details of promotions including certain amounts of bonuses that you may receive through payments of different amounts. For example, if the promotion is “Pay $20, Get $2 Bonus”, the amount booked into your account will be $22.

Use of Account Balance

Your Account Balance may be used to pay fees charged for using RIDE SHAREE’s bike rental services and may not be transferred or gifted to others.

Refund of Account Balance

For any unused portion of Account Balance, you may request a refund (less any bonus promotions received). Please call +1 888 889 9828 or write an e-mail to and allow 30-45 days for process of refunds.

Bonus Promotion credits

Any additional bonus promotion credits provided by RIDE SHAREE during the normal payment process may become invalid under the following circumstances:

  • If you delete your account
  • If you have requested a full refund
  • If your account has been frozen or closed for suspicion of committing fraud
  • Other circumstances where RIDE SHAREE has suspended services to you in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, or other applicable statements and rules

Statements and warranties

You fully understand and agree that RIDE SHAREE provides its services only to those users who use RIDE SHAREE’s products and services in a legitimate way and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. In the event of any fraud or other misconducts committed through your Account to take advantage of any RIDE SHAREE special offers, RIDE SHAREE is entitled to freeze or close your account and any other related user accounts, to withdraw or cancel all bonus amounts or ride credits granted, and to claim and recover any improper or illegitimate economic profit made through your Account and any related account. SHAREE reserves the right to refuse to provide service to you and the right to pursue you for any liabilities for committing misconduct according to its extent and severity and applicable law.


You fully understand that RIDE SHAREE may amend this Agreement from time to time. RIDE SHAREE will post the updated Agreement on its official website or its mobile application and such posting shall be deemed as a notification to its users. RIDE SHAREE may also notify its users through other means. Your continued use after such posting confirms your consent to be bound by the Agreement as amended. Please refrain from additional payments or utilizing use of RIDE SHAREE’s services if you disagree or reject any change.

Subject to applicable laws and regulations, RIDE SHAREE reserves the right for final interpretation of all the rules related to promotional bonuses and other similar ride credits and use of Account Balance.